Turn a tree into a harp.

Turn a table into a drumkit.

Turn a chair into a MIDI controller.

Mogees Pro gives you an entire world of new creative possibilities.

includes all Mogees software

Mogees Pro for iOS

Mogees Keys

Mogees Pulse

Mogees Maestro

Mogees VST/AU for OSX

The Mogees Pro sensor can detect the vibrations within many materials such as woods, metals, plastics, and glass.

The Mogees Pro vibration sensor is the first contact microphone to be designed specifically for use with iOS devices. An included adapter also allows you to use standard 1/4” cables to connect to audio interfaces and other standard music gear.

The removable adhesive pads are re-washable and retain their stickiness over time. The acoustic transparency of these pads coupled with the specially engineered base makes the Mogees Pro sensor one of the best contact microphones on the market.