About Us

Mogees is a multi-award winning technology company based in London. Our research focuses on new methods for gestural interaction, making everyday objects extraordinary with smart technology.
Mogees’ first consumer product Mogees Pro combined revolutionary software and a vibration sensor to transform any object into a musical instrument and was funded by successful Kickstarter campaigns. Mogees is currently developing new multi-platform hardware and software targeting the IoT, gaming market, VR, AR, smart toys, automotive and industrial applications.
Mogees Pro is used by musicians and artists across the globe, with our second product Mogees Play used in schools across the EU and USA. The company has won numerous awards including a Qwartz Electronic Music Award in 2015 for Technological Innovation, a Laval Virtual Award and a spot on MIT Tech Review’s 2016 list of the 30 best entrepreneurs under 35 in Italy for founder Bruno Zamborlin.