Open Position

Software Engineer (Python)

Mogees Ltd are looking for a Software Engineer with a strong understanding of Python, algorithms, API design, testing and QA.

Your role as a Software Engineer will consist of looking at an existing Python code stack and making it your own. Your role will involve creating and maintaining the pipeline that will enable our researchers to iterate through the latest deep learning models in Python and TensorFlow. 

You will need to be able to turn over each piece of this code, write tests, ensure it is efficient and production worthy, be able to write new modules that perform new functionality, and aid with writing a user-facing API to access its features.  

Skills you’ll need:

  • CS degree or equivalent and 2+ years in Software Engineering/QA/SDET/SET

  • Strong Python background

  • Good algorithms background

  • Experience in Testing & Automation (e.g. pytest, unittest)

  • Experience with Git




Bonus Skills:


  • API design experience

  • Machine Learning experience

  • Flask/Django experience

  • Front-End experience especially using ReactJS

  • TensorFlow programming experience

  • Experience with continuous integration

  • Experience with database structures (e.g. MySQL, Postgres, SQLite)

  • Data Science Experience




  • Your own laptop.

  • Free coffee, beer and rooftop in our WeWork London Fields office.

About Us

You will join a small creative team of 7 deep learning researchers and interaction designers in creating disruptive technology in the field of tangible human computer interaction, that harness the power of vibrations and Artificial Intelligence as a way of controlling the digital world around us. 


Our tiny sensor captures the vibrations people create when they interact with everyday objects. Mogees technology then analyses these vibrations and utilises real-time machine learning techniques to transform these objects into smart touch-sensitive interfaces.

About You

You will work closely with a front-end Python and React developer and a back-end Machine Learning engineer making use of TensorFlow. As a result, you will have intimate knowledge of each domain and will require good communication skills.


Ideally your interests extend beyond Software Engineering and into Machine Learning where you will also aid in the research and development of new algorithms.  For this, you should also have some existing background of research in an ML oriented practice. 

We’re a small highly creative team, and we’re looking for someone proactive who brings new ideas to the table and actively collaborates with us in designing the interfaces of the future.


This is a full-time position in our offices in London Fields, London.

Salary between £45,000 and £60,000 based on previous experience and level of seniority.



How to apply:


Contact with a copy of your CV / Resume, and a link to your GitHub account. 

As a bonus, please provide a description of a project you worked on that you were particularly proud of.


Help us build a diverse team.  


We encourage people of all genders, backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life to apply! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.