Vibrations are everywhere.


Every time we touch an object,

it creates a unique vibration pattern.


Mogees is the only technology that

can recognise these vibration

patterns to transform everything

around us into a smart object.

About Us

Augment physical objects into touch-sensitive controllers thanks to machine learning and a

small vibration sensor.

Our Business


We are a machine learning company.

We license our tech to companies who want to improve their products by making them smart.

Our Sectors

Automotive, toys, AR devices, security, and more.


Disruptive Technology

Users interact with a  Mogees-enabled  object.

Mogees detects the  vibrations created and  recognises specific  gestures.

Patent pending, PCT international pre-approved

The gesture triggers  actions on apps, cloud or any connected object.

Unique Selling Points

The only machine  learning vibration  tech on the market

Don’t throw away  your product, make it smart.

Incredibly low BOM cost

What we do...

Our PCB designs and  firmware are  developed in house

We help our  customers integrate  our technology

Customers do the  manufacturing and  pay us royalties


Buttons and switches inside cars:

  • Break

  • Limit aesthetic and ergonomics of car manufacturers

  • Are old fashioned


Our Solution

  • Remove all buttons and switches.

  • Durable: Our sensor is placed behind the plastic.

  • Adaptable: the entire door, dashboard or steering  wheel can control any function of the car.




  • Performance: Sensors are dumb (many false positives)

  • Privacy: microphones and cameras watch us

  • Cost: we can retrofit our sensor with existing objects


Our Solution

  • Smart: Mogees learns the specific vibrations in  your house.

  • Augment: Don’t buy a new door, make it smart.


Key Drivers

  • Demand for lighting and entertainment controls

  • Optimization of remote control with gesture and  movement recognition

Internet of Things


  • AR games still use old-fashion joysticks that limit the  immersion in the game.

  • Users want to feel they are interacting with the real  world.


Our Solution

  • Interact with real-world objects with an unprecedented level of sensitivity and responsiveness

  • Detects footsteps, taps and every other gesture

  • Can be easily integrated with cameras and other AR controllers


Key Drivers

  • Steady growth of gaming on mobile 

  • Motion sensing capture

  • Growth in AR-VR

Gaming, VR and AR


  • Toy companies spend millions to make their existing toys ‘smart’.

  • BOM cost and privacy are very limiting factors.


Our Solution

  • Augment: Mogees is so small that can be invisibly embedded in toys of any form or shape

  • Sell in-app purchases with one single physical toy.

  • Novel: every toy becomes magic

Key Drivers

  • Reboot of classic toys and the creation of new interactive toys and robotics

  • Apps extended and enhance the toy over time

Smart Toys